How to fade bright haircolour WITHOUT bleaching!


Hair is an accessory- something to have fun with! And i am a girl who likes some fun. But what do you do if you change your mind?

There are basically 4 types of hair colour out there: permanent, semi permanent, demi permanent and henna. (Henna is permanent, but reacts to things differently that “strictly professional” permanent colour, so i give it its own category.)

I personally believe that NO ONE WITHOUT A LICENCE to do hair, and the training that goes along with it, should be able to buy permanent hair colour OR bleaching/lifting agents. Too much can, and often does, go wrong when someone doesn’t know what they are doing- and once hair is severely damaged, you CAN’T JUST FIX IT!

This all being said- today i’m chatting about semi- and demi-haircolours: bright or fun or temporary things that wash/fade out in 6-12 washes or 4-6 weeks. What do you do if you change your mind?

These types of haircolour are NOT thought of as “permanent”, because they don’t go into the cortex (inside goodness) of your hair. Instead, they wrap around your hair and interact/cling/stain the cuticle (scaly outside layers) of your hair strands. Typically, they also don’t contain any lifting or bleaching properties- for vibrant results, you need to pre-lighten the hair. (PLEASE ask a professional to help you!)

These colours, also sometimes called “direct dyes” or “fashion colours” are mainly pigment in a conditioning base- which is why using heat helps seal the colour in deeper, because it helps your hair to soak in that conditioning.

Because these colours sit on THE OUTSIDE of your hair, they easily fade and wash away with sun, chlorine, salt, heat styling, cheap shampoos, etc.

These colours can be really fun to experiment with- but accidents in judgement happen, and we all change our minds sometimes!

If you want to FADE THESE COLOURS FASTER: here’s what I do. You can see my before and afters above. Starting from my purple/violet/silver colour to my back-to-blonde (but note the minty green staining at the tips- this is due to the BLUE mixed into my colour- blue is THE HARDEST temporary colour to remove).


You will need:

Dawn brand dishsoap (this is my fave!)

baking soda

table salt

plastic wrap

a bowl and spoon

a hairdryer OR bonnet dryer

regular shampoo

a GOOOOOD conditioner

1. mix 1/4cup dishsoap with 1/8 cup baking soda and 1/8 cup table salt.

2. Using your hands, apply your mix to the areas you are trying to fade/remove. (always keep in mind that FULL REMOVAL might not be possible.)

3. If you are finding it hard to spread, wet your hands to help massage the mix in. If you are doing your whole head, instead of select areas, you may want to start with slightly damp hair.(you can double or triple my recipe as needed)

4. Cover your hair with the plastic wrap, and apply medium heat for at least 10 minutes.

5.Massage your hair vigourously! Then rinse all that mess out. Now shampoo normally, and be very generous with your conditioner.

6. Comb out and airdry. If your colour was red or purple based, it’s probably mostly or totally gone. If it was blue- you’ll have staining like i do. You can repeat this process to try and remove more, but i would always give a day in between so your scalp and hair can rest- and keep a close eye on the integrity of your hair: if your ends are fraying or feel slimy, you’re going to need a professional hair cut.

Good luck!

Be awesome!



Closet Challenge: Day 21. I GIVE UP!


Day 21. 16 items. 3 weeks of my life dedicated to the crazy idea that we might need less clothes.

You know what? IT WORKED!! I definitely have a new view and appreciation for my personal style, and for versatile clothing, and for the idea of getting creative with less!

The downside? Well.. i had planned to do another week… just yesterday i was counting down to a full 28 days! And then, this morning, i realised EVERY SINGLE BOTTOM in my challenge was in the wash. Due to my total neglect to consult the weather network before choosing my challenge items, I did NOT take scorching July heat into consideration.. and as a result, effectively narrowed my choices to 12 items… 2 skirts, 1 skort, denim capris and a dress were my bottom pieces- and they are ALL in the wash!

Um. Societal norms dictate that i CAN’T take my 4yo to a birthday party in my underpants.

And so, with honestly little more that a shove, i concede the challenge. I’m done. I’m tired, too hot, and half naked. And now i am happily reunited with my closet! (and purging things due to my new insights).

What have I learned?

*this was a great idea!

*planning is key

*DO consult the weather for your area before building a capsule wardrobe.

*DON’T just include items that colour match- use items you ACTUALLY LIKE!

*have fun!! be flexible, relax, and unless you’re blogging about it (haha!), give yourself leeway to adjust which items you have as you go

*i really like dark cotton tanktops

*i really like bright, fun patterned skirts and skorts

*I love green IN THEORY, but not as a shirt

*cardigans and leggings ARE NOT VALID SUMMER WEAR!!!!

*spending money on quality, versatile items that you REALLY ENJOY is a great idea!

*spending money, even at a thrift store, on items you feel anything less that %109 amazing in IS A WASTE AND A DISSERVICE to yourself

*the only person who cares if your clothes match IS YOU!

*NOT ONE PERSON issued any complaints about my hygeine, style, or the fact that i wore that black tanktop almost everyday. NO ONE NOTICED. People dont really examine others’ outfits as much as we think. If YOU are happy and confident in what you have on, everyone else is fine.


Be awesome, my friends! Thanks for riding this out with me!

(now.. does anyone want a navy and blue dress, a green tshirt or an altered green-plaid shirt? 😎 )


Closet Challenge- Day 20


Ah yes. Day 20. Here you see me with my companions: window ac unit, and blinding sunlight.

I have NOT given myself enough hot-weather clothing to compete with consistent 32°  days!! (This is actually my second outfit- i walked to the hardware store to order plywood, and sweated completely through my clothes! No pictures… far too many sweaty patches to capture on film!)

items: first, blue henley t and green skort- no headed directly to the wash. now, pink floral tanktop and denim capris.


style: slightly damp, torn between another coffee and wanting a wine spritzer! lol! My fave way to cool down!

upside of my disastrously hot walk? 5km AND 17 Pokemon! haha! Plus untold toxins sweated out.. phew!

So.. anyone inspired by this Challenge yet? I dont know how Im going to get another week out. siiigh. (Im going to do 28days. This is getting ridiculous, as i didn’t make very weather-approriate choices.)

Be awesome- and stay hydrated! (don’t worry- in drinking water, not wine spritzers!)


Closet Challenge- Day 19

Day 19- the Importance of being Versatile!

Today I’m wearing, again, one of my favourite combinations: the black tank and green skort. I feel comfy, put-together, and the black really makes my hair look awesome (lol!), unlike yesterday’s ugly green shirt.

items: black tank and green skort

comfort: ahhhhhh. relaxed!

style: punky pixie goes to the Market

Speaking of hair- one of my favourite ways to cut hair, and apply creative colour, is asymmetrically- because this gives the wearer more versatility! Since I’m currently lacking the ability to be very versatile with my clothes, it’s really great to be able to play with my hair a bit more.

You can see above how flipping my fringe from one side to the other makes the blue bits show more, or less. Also, the asymmetric length lets me have a rounder, choppier finish in one direction, and a cleaner, more precise look in my regular style.

If you’ve been contemplating going shorter with your ‘do, or adding bangs or layers in front, consider asking your stylist (me?) for some asymmetry! Two (or more!) looks for the price of one! 🙂

Be Awesome!



Closet Challenge- Day 18


Day 18′ aka, Return of the Green Shirt i Don’t Like.

Ugh. I feel like a Christmas ornament in this combination, and the green t is making my new silver hair look muddy. See how much nicer it looked in the blue shirt of yesterday? Colour is all about perception.

So, I guess I’ve learned that while I DO love a nice fresh green, i DON’T always love it on myself. Or as a shirt, as least. The upside is that this shirt is nice and lightweight, and will be AWESOME to take camping next weekend, cos i seriously dont care what happens to it! lol!

items: green t, red floral skirt (which is starting to show a few signs of wear but.. did i mention I nought it at a thrift store for $6? It is definitely earning its keep!)

style: christmas in july :/

comfort: yes! i mean, i’m UNcomfortable with the look, but VERY comfy in the clothes themselves.

hair: NOT a fab hairday at the moment, due to yucky clothes pairings. This silver colour looks AMAZING with blues, blacks, navy, white… but sadly, not green. Methinks this shirt might get traded for a tanktop today, just so i dont look yellowed out as i run errands!

Be awesome!

(12 days left!!)


Closet Challenge: Day 17

Day 17!

Ah… time to creep downstairs and have some fun with my hair, since I’m getting rather bored with my clothes!

*you can see the hair video on my Instagram as @thescissorkitty

items: good ol’ blue button-up, green skort (it’s supposed to be a “Lava Day” again today, as my son says, so this shirt will probably turn into the black tanktop eventually). These items are comfy- and the skort is convenient if the little fox and i decide to go Pokémon hunting this afternoon!

I know there are lots of mixed feels about Pokémon Go- i have had it for ONE day at this point, so my opinion is pretty negligible. I think anything that gets people moving is probably a good thing… and to me, this is just another game/tool to incentivize activity, like geocaching or those FitBits. The key is probably the same advice given to most small children: watch where you’re going, don’t run into traffic, don’t go into a stranger’s home or backyard, and don’t be an idiot. 

comfort: yepper pepper!

style: pokémon safari? lol!

hair: new silver/lavender blonde with aqua tips in front, and side steps.

Be Awesome, everyone! (And if you have a cute and floofy pokémon, I’ll trade you for one of these bitey rat things we keep finding! lol!)


Closet Challenge- Day 16

Day 16!

Ahh, slightly cooler this morning, so the black cardigan makes a token appearance at last! I’m sure it won’t stay long, but at least i got to pull it out of hermitage!

items: navy and white dress, black cardigan (plus navy striped belt and adorable hairband by )

style: vintage lady who does lunch

comfort: very! But this cardi is coming off as the thermostat rises

hair: refreshed with No-Suds cleansing conditioner by Framesi, styled with a little leave-in-detangler (Miracle Detangler by Original Sprout). I find this product gives me softness, but also a little weight and a more matte finish. Kind of like a classic set, brushed out to a soft glow.

12 days left!! Whoot whoot! How about you guys- are you contemplating your own Closet Challenge?

Be Awesome!


Closet Challenge-Day 15


Heya cats and kittens!

Remember, way back at the start of this Challenge, when I left myself a little leeway for camping clothing? I cracked into that stash today. It’s a backyard kiddie-pool kind of sunny day, and my chance to wear something different at last! lol!

items: blue denim shirt, red polkadot bikini top, black board shorts. (and LOTS of spf50!)

style: backyard beach 🌴

comfort: not melting in the sun!

hair: blue and red bandana to keep things casual AND offer some sun protection!

What are YOU wearing today?

Be Awesome!


Closet Challenge- Week 2 discoveries!


Week Two breakdown:

Holy guacamole- two weeks of this craziness already! I’m trying to comfort myself with the fact that this also means I have only two weeks LEFT. Phew!

I am getting pretty bored, and rather frustrated with my clothing choices at the moment.


denim shirt

denim capris

black tanktop x2

blue button-up

black polkadot skirt x2

yellow cardigan (FINALLY!)

green skort x2

black tshirt

revamped green plaid shirt

red floral skirt x2

blue henley T

floral tanktop

A friend made a wise suggestion, which i WISH i had thought of before choosing my items: consult a Farmer’s Almanac! If i had done this, I would have picked a better selection of clothing suited to the weather- instead, i just tried to focus on co-ordinating colours, and so i “wasted” choices on 2 pairs of leggings, which i haven’t even touched, and two cardigans that are basically just hogging up closet space in this 30°C weather!!

I also should have paid more attention to choosing clothes I ACTUALLY LIKE!! I do NOT enjoy the green tshirt or even the revamped green plaid shirt. And the dress I picked isn’t my favourite either! Now I’m stuck with them. :/

There are definitely some key lessons to be learned here. siiiigh. Ah well, TWO WEEKS TO GO!!!

Be Awesome!


Closet Challenge: Day 14


Ah, Day 14.

Two weeks of this insanity, and i have definitely learned a few things- about myself, my style, AND organizing!*

But first:

items: Today is the day where crazy patterns start happening! I’m the kind of weirdo who doesn’t mind wearing polkadots and stripes together- but i AM questioning today’s mix. Green skort, and pink floral tanktop. Why? well.. it’s warm, and my black tank needs a wash. I hate the green tshirt, the green plaid would just have too-much-green (Im already only 5’2″, Celtic background and pale with freckles.. i like keeping leprechaun jokes to a minimum. 😉 ). I want to wear the skort today, because it’s Market Day! An awesome friend of mine is opening her gf/vegan/deliciousness bakery booth at the Western Fair Market today, and I want to be nimble in my skort so i can shove to the front of the line! (

style:necessarily hectic

hair: 90’s style bobby-pinned bangs, freshly washed with AG Sterling Silver toning shampoo and conditioner, and then tousled up with a little coconut oil serum.

comfort: if i get some grain-free baked goods, I’ll be VERY comfy! haha!

* ok, to get the run down on what ive learned so far, check out the next post- the Week 2 Review!

Be Awesome!