Closet Challenge: Day 21. I GIVE UP!


Day 21. 16 items. 3 weeks of my life dedicated to the crazy idea that we might need less clothes.

You know what? IT WORKED!! I definitely have a new view and appreciation for my personal style, and for versatile clothing, and for the idea of getting creative with less!

The downside? Well.. i had planned to do another week… just yesterday i was counting down to a full 28 days! And then, this morning, i realised EVERY SINGLE BOTTOM in my challenge was in the wash. Due to my total neglect to consult the weather network before choosing my challenge items, I did NOT take scorching July heat into consideration.. and as a result, effectively narrowed my choices to 12 items… 2 skirts, 1 skort, denim capris and a dress were my bottom pieces- and they are ALL in the wash!

Um. Societal norms dictate that i CAN’T take my 4yo to a birthday party in my underpants.

And so, with honestly little more that a shove, i concede the challenge. I’m done. I’m tired, too hot, and half naked. And now i am happily reunited with my closet! (and purging things due to my new insights).

What have I learned?

*this was a great idea!

*planning is key

*DO consult the weather for your area before building a capsule wardrobe.

*DON’T just include items that colour match- use items you ACTUALLY LIKE!

*have fun!! be flexible, relax, and unless you’re blogging about it (haha!), give yourself leeway to adjust which items you have as you go

*i really like dark cotton tanktops

*i really like bright, fun patterned skirts and skorts

*I love green IN THEORY, but not as a shirt

*cardigans and leggings ARE NOT VALID SUMMER WEAR!!!!

*spending money on quality, versatile items that you REALLY ENJOY is a great idea!

*spending money, even at a thrift store, on items you feel anything less that %109 amazing in IS A WASTE AND A DISSERVICE to yourself

*the only person who cares if your clothes match IS YOU!

*NOT ONE PERSON issued any complaints about my hygeine, style, or the fact that i wore that black tanktop almost everyday. NO ONE NOTICED. People dont really examine others’ outfits as much as we think. If YOU are happy and confident in what you have on, everyone else is fine.


Be awesome, my friends! Thanks for riding this out with me!

(now.. does anyone want a navy and blue dress, a green tshirt or an altered green-plaid shirt? 😎 )



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