Closet Challenge: Day 14


Ah, Day 14.

Two weeks of this insanity, and i have definitely learned a few things- about myself, my style, AND organizing!*

But first:

items: Today is the day where crazy patterns start happening! I’m the kind of weirdo who doesn’t mind wearing polkadots and stripes together- but i AM questioning today’s mix. Green skort, and pink floral tanktop. Why? well.. it’s warm, and my black tank needs a wash. I hate the green tshirt, the green plaid would just have too-much-green (Im already only 5’2″, Celtic background and pale with freckles.. i like keeping leprechaun jokes to a minimum. 😉 ). I want to wear the skort today, because it’s Market Day! An awesome friend of mine is opening her gf/vegan/deliciousness bakery booth at the Western Fair Market today, and I want to be nimble in my skort so i can shove to the front of the line! (

style:necessarily hectic

hair: 90’s style bobby-pinned bangs, freshly washed with AG Sterling Silver toning shampoo and conditioner, and then tousled up with a little coconut oil serum.

comfort: if i get some grain-free baked goods, I’ll be VERY comfy! haha!

* ok, to get the run down on what ive learned so far, check out the next post- the Week 2 Review!

Be Awesome!



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