Closet Challenge- Day 20


Ah yes. Day 20. Here you see me with my companions: window ac unit, and blinding sunlight.

I have NOT given myself enough hot-weather clothing to compete with consistent 32°  days!! (This is actually my second outfit- i walked to the hardware store to order plywood, and sweated completely through my clothes! No pictures… far too many sweaty patches to capture on film!)

items: first, blue henley t and green skort- no headed directly to the wash. now, pink floral tanktop and denim capris.


style: slightly damp, torn between another coffee and wanting a wine spritzer! lol! My fave way to cool down!

upside of my disastrously hot walk? 5km AND 17 Pokemon! haha! Plus untold toxins sweated out.. phew!

So.. anyone inspired by this Challenge yet? I dont know how Im going to get another week out. siiigh. (Im going to do 28days. This is getting ridiculous, as i didn’t make very weather-approriate choices.)

Be awesome- and stay hydrated! (don’t worry- in drinking water, not wine spritzers!)



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