Itchy scalp or grease that won’t quit? I’ve got you covered!

Heya cats and kittens!

Now that we’re FINALLY seeing the starts of Spring, it’s time to do a little Spring Cleaning- of our scalps!

Winter can be really rough on our old noggins. All that hot air inside, cold air outside, dryness everywhere, toasty fires, blowdryers, and not enough moisture to go round- this can make anyone’s scalp freak out a little, and be itchy and tight, and sometimes flaky and dry as well. The flip side of all this pasty flakiness is extra greasy hair. So unfair!

Often, when your scalp gets dried out, your body tries to solve the problem by creating extra oil for itself- but this has the negative effect of creating super greasy locks- which then prompt you to wash your hair more than usual, causing an even dryer scalp.. and on it goes! How do we stop the madness?

Come to the rescue, the two hardest working ingredients in your kitchen:

20170403_124642Good old Apple Cider Vinegar, and Baking Soda!

Yep. Now might be where you think I’m just another granola-crazy, modern hipster hippy, using ACV and happy thoughts to solve all your problems. And, well, maybe you’re 80% right there (haha! I can’t eat granola! So there!), but it’s cheap, easy, and really does the trick.


  1. In a dish, mix 2 tablespoons of your favourite conditioner, with 1 heaping tablespoon of baking soda. I like to use conditioner for this step, because you’re going to be washing your hair with shampoo after, and I’d rather you not over strip your hair AGAIN right after I told you to quit doing that so much! haha! Also, it gives the baking soda paste a nice glide around the scalp. Now, hop in the shower, wet down your lovely locks, take a big scoop of the paste you’ve made, and massage it vigorously around your scalp. Give it a good scrub, you know where your itchiest and driest parts are. When you’re done, rinse it out, and give yourself a gentle shampooing (with a good quality, sulphate-free, NO SILICONE ADDED shampoo, please!) to get out any residue and leftover baking soda. This step removes all the dry skin, and takes a lot of buildup off your hair at the same time. Fresh start!
  2. Now, mix 1 cup of apple cider vinegar (and, yes, you can use white vinegar in a pinch, or if you really really hate the smell of ACV) and 1/2 cup of cool water. Get yer yoga on as you pour this over your freshly washed hair and scalp AND NOT INTO YOUR EYES. See what I said there? NOT IN YOUR EYES! You’ll only make that mistake once, my friends. OUCH! You may want to lay backwards over the edge of a sink or tub and pour it on from a measuring cup with a spout, to avoid face splashing- or have a friend, or helpful hairdresser help you out here. hee hee!  Once on, it’s going to feel COLD! Part of that is the cool water, but part is the actual oxygen being fizzily released by the ACV itself. Now massage this cool liquid through your locks and all over your scalp. *IF you have abrasions, psoriasis or eczema that is open, this might really sting. I apologize- but it can also REALLY help with psoriasis and eczema, so keep an open mind. Let it sit on there for a few minutes, and then rinse again with JUST cool water. DON’T SHAMPOO THIS OUT!
  3. Enjoy! You will now have VERY clean, very shiny, very fresh feeling hair. The ACV helps emulsify any overload of oils on your scalp, and also helps reset the pH of your scalp to more healthy, normal levels. You should be feeling fresh and clean- and I personally ENJOY the slight apple scent left behind.. but it’s hardly noticeable, and you won’t smell like french fries all day.

I did it!! How to make a copy of a dress!

Heya cats and kittens.

I DID IT!! Last year I found an adorable pinafore-style dress at a thrift store, and I just love it so much. True, it was actually a size XS- so I had inserted stretch lace (from the lingerie section at your favourite fabric and notions shop) into the sides under the arms, and into the front of the bust- and the black lace just made the whole thing so much cuter! Anyway, I love this thing, and I wear it a lot, and i decided I should really like a second one… but how?

I spoke with an awesome sewing friend (Andrea! haha! Check out her amazing custom made wristlets and wallets at Dancing Daisy ) who reminded me to leave seam allowances, and I was off to the races!


The top two photos are the original, and the bottom two are my copy!


Paper for tracing (i used taped together flyers from the weekly news!)

2 different colours of marker/pencil crayon

pins for keeping things together

time and patience!

1.To start, I taped a bunch of sheets of spread out flyers together in a spread bigger than the dress I wanted to copy. Then I spread the dress out on it, leaving lots of room around the borders.

2. I traced the entire outline of the skirt part, using one colour of marker. Then I moved the dress over, and traced the top, the straps, and flipped it to do the back. I made sure to mark where the different fabrics were sewn together in each area- ie, the panels that make up the bust. I DID omit the lace panels I had added in the size, and instead measured that as all one piece of fabric.

3. Now i tucked the original dress away, and picked up my second colour of marker. I gave everything a nice 1/2″ border all around, to serve as my seam allowances.

  • The areas with multiple pieces of fabric joined to make a dress piece (front bust area, back top area), I bordered one section, then traced the next section on a new piece of paper, and gave it its own borders, and so on. This way each section which is to be joined together has its own seam allowances for sewing.

4. Once I had all my paper pieces marked, I made sure to label them and cut them out.

5. Now that I had all my pattern pieces, I had a good look at them, and figured out which ones could be simplified by folding in half- for example, the skirt piece was the same for the front and the back, AND could be cut on a fold, since it was symmetrical. I cut the skirt pattern piece in half, and labeled it with a “cut 2 on the fold”.

6. With all my pattern pieces labeled and ready, i pinned them to my fabric as per any pattern, and went to town!

7. TA DAA!!!

I hope you have as much fun and as much luck as I’ve had! Luckily, this was a pretty simple thing to copy, but i’m just pleased as punch at how it turned out! If you try this and copy, please let me know how it works for you!


The wicked wind from the west- Trailer adventures! Oh no!

Heya cats and kittens!

Well, a few of you have heard this tale in person already, but it was quite a little adventure for me, and seems like something interesting to share.

Remember how it was really windy two weeks ago? Like- really REALLY windy. Windy with a lot of f-words thrown around it. Well, anyway, our new Magical Dream Farm has an open field across from us, and our backyard is a giant open field behind us- so we are essentially Tornado Alley around here. On this particularly windy day, reports say winds were up to 95k/hr!, the doors were howling (unsealed, sounding like angry kazoos), the baseboards were freezing (the Werehusband has since sealed them with caulking), and houses were shedding shingles left and right like cats sitting on clean black laundry.

I had just jumped home between a day of running errands, and had a text from the Werehusband asking if the house was still standing, and if we had lost many of OUR shingles- so I went into the backroom to look out into the yard. Nothing! All good! I turned, looking out the side windows at Glennie my Trailer as I did so.. and THAT is when things got crazy!!

AS I WATCHED, the wind picked Glennie (a 27ft trailer!) RIGHT off the ground, slammed her back in, and then swung the whole shebang towards the house!! I thought she was going to go right through the wall- which, coincidentally, is the wall of the Temporarily Glorious Hair Bathroom where I am working while Glennie’s renovations continue.. OH NO!!! Here goes BOTH of my salon spaces at one go!!

LUCKILY!! Glennie got stuck on a bush, and that swung her out of the wind-zone just enough that she kind of lodged there. The Werehusband was able to rush quickly home from work, with the kindness of his bosses, to tie her down however he could.


Once the weather was stable enough to investigate, we could see that Glennie was tilted at a crazy angle, her chassis was actually laying on the dirt, and her trailer hitch was sunk flat into the ground! That’s like 2 feet of hitch, punched down into the dirt like it was nothing!!

The Werehusband’s kind boss came on the weekend and pulled her free, and lo and behold… miracle of miracle here… NOTHING WAS BROKEN! And, weirder, the few things that were inside weren’t even tipped over or scrambled around! It’s like in those news reports of campsites and trailers hit by tornados, and some of them are totally gone, and others still have their lawnchairs and whirli-gigs untouched!

So, now Glennie is safely tucked away more behind the house, and anchored to some tie downs (where she will stay when she’s not on the road). PHEW!

I’m surprised the paint didn’t blister off the walls with the force of all my swearing! And I don’t think I’ve ever stared at something so hard in my life, trying to hold her on the ground with the force of my eyeballs. HAHA!

So… adventures continue, and renos are underway.. Stay tuned!

-love, M.