Trailer Tales: She’s ALMOST ready!!

Heya cats and kittens!

I owe anyone reading this a HUGE apology, because I have been very lax about updates since we moved out to the Dream Farm. It’s a busier life out here- what with trying to grow grass, doing hair out of a bathroom, and WORKING ON THE TRAILER!

Ooh yeah… there was that one thing.


Glennie the Mobile Hair Lair is entering her final stages of glamorization, and I’m so damn excited, I can’t contain myself! The WereHusband has been really hard at work getting her finished- and there was a LOT to do! You may recall from past posts about Glennie- she had to be gutted to the studs, rebuilt, reframed, all the windows were removed, resealed, and reinstalled, a new door was found and sized in, the old tanks and assorted craziness were removed, many many many many holes were patched, baby mice were rescued, the roof was resealed several times, and most recently- it was insulated with eco-friendly spray foam, wired for power, and now it has DRYWALL!!!




Lets do a catch up summary to where we are to date with pictures, shall we? And, as a handy product placement (cuz WereHusband works there, and they are LOVELY), if you are in the SouthWestern Ontario area and need any kind of quality insulation, Ritchies Insulation are the people to hire! 🙂


So, first pic: Glennie, in her new post-apocalyptic wind location, has been hand-scrubbed with hot soapy water to get off all the dirt (by yours truly! So, honestly, she’s only hand-washed up to the 5’2″ arm-reach part. heh.), because PAINT HAS BEEN BOUGHT! Stay tuned for that, soon!

Second and third pics show the hilariously lime green coating of spray foam, making Glennie year-round workable! The box in the bottom pic is the hidey-hole for the generator, so she’ll have portable power wherever we may roam! Drywall is up, now, and mudding has begun- more pics about those steps, soon! It’s important to note that spray-foam insulation MUST be completely covered by drywall, etc, as it is VERY VERY flammable, and insurance companies get angsty if you leave your property at a cheap-toaster-oven-level of safety.

There are LOTS more renos underway, as she is getting REALLLLLLY close to full glamorization! Stay tuned, and I, in turn, will try not to be so lamely slow with my updates.

Love, Morgan!


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