Product Review: Fruits&Passion Eye Patches


Fruits&Passion “Smoothing Eye Patches for Tired Eyes”.

Hola, cats and kittens!

It’s time for another “Test Human” experiment! Tomorrow i turn 35 (yay!! birthday!), and I’ll admit that my one hesitation about getting older is seeing little sags and bags start to form around my eyes. Other wrinkles? I don’t care! Crow’s feet are sweet! Laugh lines are divine! But… my purple under-eye baggage drives me crazy.

Enter these cute little patches! They are silicone-gelly half moons that cling to your under-eye area with nutritious, soothing goopiness. “For all skin types”, throw ’em on, and leave them for 30-40min.

The packaging is cute and easy to open. The patches are easy to put on, and the smell is light and fresh.

AND THEY BUUUUUUURN!!! Ok- maybe not everyone. Obviously enough people DON’T set their under-eyes on fire with these that they’ve made it to market. And, in defense of F&P, i do have super sensitive weirdi skin. BUT IT BUUUUURNS!!! I lasted 3 minutes before my left eye area became too itchy to stand.

I tossed these babies in the trash, and repeatedly rinsed my eyes with cool water and soap. PHEW!!

No harm done, it seems, but i will NOT be picking up another pack of these! Anyone else struggle with under-eye baggage? What do you use? What have you loved, and have you ever accidentally set those bags aflame with innocent looking gelly eye patches?


Be awesome!



Trailer Tales: Window re-working!

Heya cats & kittens!

Work continues on Glennie! I just found out there IS still a local glass place- so the door will be next up! But right now- these lovely old windows are getting some much needed TLC!


Have I mentioned how much i love and appreciate the Werehusband and all his many skills? I don’t know WHAT state Glennie would be in without his hours and hours of skilled handyness! Well.. actually, she’d be in pretty much the same junkpot shape i bought her in. heh.

Anyway- above, you can see an un-fixed window in the first picture. I really want to keep as many of the lovely old louvered-glass windows as possible: not just to save precious $$, but also for that awesome vintage look AND great ventilation! (one of the windows has a special lever that locks the louvers into the frame and makes the WHOLE thing swing out as an emergency exit! SO cool! I have NOT told the Monster which one, because i dont want “Climbing out Mama’s Window” to be the newest game around here!)

In the second picture, you can see a window the Werehusband already fixed- he removed the whole thing, scraped off all the old bondo/grout/edgey grossness, reframed it without rotten wood (needless luxury? i know, i know… lol!), put the window back in, and then sealed all around it with transparent caulking silicone. Easy! (-for me. easy for ME, because i am just doing laundry, and writing this, and vacuuming my car with my helpful 4yo Monster. Not so easy for Handy McUsesTools over there!)

Half the windows are now reframed, half to go! Work continues!!

Stay awesome!




Test Human- new hair growth vitamins from Organic Colour Systems- DAY ONE

“Test Human” sounds so much nicer than “Guinea Pig”, doesn’t it? As you might know, dear Cats and Kittens, Scissorkitty is AGAINST all forms of animal testing in the beauty industry. I’m not a scientist, nor am i a chemist or a medical expert.. but when it comes to beauty, is anything REALLY totally new? New enough that it’s a start-from-scratch scenario? New enough to warrant testing on poor animals, who can’t give us a fair verbal reaction value anyway? (and we have plenty of people lacking jobs, hungy students, pedophiles in prison, etc…)…

Anyway, i test things on myself. I AM my own “Test Human”! 🙂 I also have amazing clients and friends who are often up for a challenge.

Back to what is happening: My colour line, Organic Colour Systems (which is, now obviously, NOT tested on animals, and has no animal ingredients, ammonia, pthalates, ppds, etc..) has come out with “Rep-Hair”, hair health and growth encouraging vitamins. There are 60 in a bottle, and you are advised to take one per day with water. They contain NO gluten, yeast, sugar, lactose, additives AND are vegetarian and vegan friendly. I’m game!

Above, you can see my Day One roots photos. My hair is newly cropped and lightened to a silver blonde, so my naturally dark roots will be super obvious… let’s see what happens!

ingredients: thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin b6, folic acid, vitamin b12, biotin, pantothenic acid.

note: i ALWAYS take vitamins with food, to avoid a yucky “vitamin belly” sick feeling.


be awesome!