Closet Challenge: Day 17

Day 17!

Ah… time to creep downstairs and have some fun with my hair, since I’m getting rather bored with my clothes!

*you can see the hair video on my Instagram as @thescissorkitty

items: good ol’ blue button-up, green skort (it’s supposed to be a “Lava Day” again today, as my son says, so this shirt will probably turn into the black tanktop eventually). These items are comfy- and the skort is convenient if the little fox and i decide to go Pokémon hunting this afternoon!

I know there are lots of mixed feels about Pokémon Go- i have had it for ONE day at this point, so my opinion is pretty negligible. I think anything that gets people moving is probably a good thing… and to me, this is just another game/tool to incentivize activity, like geocaching or those FitBits. The key is probably the same advice given to most small children: watch where you’re going, don’t run into traffic, don’t go into a stranger’s home or backyard, and don’t be an idiot. 

comfort: yepper pepper!

style: pokémon safari? lol!

hair: new silver/lavender blonde with aqua tips in front, and side steps.

Be Awesome, everyone! (And if you have a cute and floofy pokémon, I’ll trade you for one of these bitey rat things we keep finding! lol!)



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