Closet Challenge- Week 2 discoveries!


Week Two breakdown:

Holy guacamole- two weeks of this craziness already! I’m trying to comfort myself with the fact that this also means I have only two weeks LEFT. Phew!

I am getting pretty bored, and rather frustrated with my clothing choices at the moment.


denim shirt

denim capris

black tanktop x2

blue button-up

black polkadot skirt x2

yellow cardigan (FINALLY!)

green skort x2

black tshirt

revamped green plaid shirt

red floral skirt x2

blue henley T

floral tanktop

A friend made a wise suggestion, which i WISH i had thought of before choosing my items: consult a Farmer’s Almanac! If i had done this, I would have picked a better selection of clothing suited to the weather- instead, i just tried to focus on co-ordinating colours, and so i “wasted” choices on 2 pairs of leggings, which i haven’t even touched, and two cardigans that are basically just hogging up closet space in this 30°C weather!!

I also should have paid more attention to choosing clothes I ACTUALLY LIKE!! I do NOT enjoy the green tshirt or even the revamped green plaid shirt. And the dress I picked isn’t my favourite either! Now I’m stuck with them. :/

There are definitely some key lessons to be learned here. siiiigh. Ah well, TWO WEEKS TO GO!!!

Be Awesome!



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