The wicked wind from the west- Trailer adventures! Oh no!

Heya cats and kittens!

Well, a few of you have heard this tale in person already, but it was quite a little adventure for me, and seems like something interesting to share.

Remember how it was really windy two weeks ago? Like- really REALLY windy. Windy with a lot of f-words thrown around it. Well, anyway, our new Magical Dream Farm has an open field across from us, and our backyard is a giant open field behind us- so we are essentially Tornado Alley around here. On this particularly windy day, reports say winds were up to 95k/hr!, the doors were howling (unsealed, sounding like angry kazoos), the baseboards were freezing (the Werehusband has since sealed them with caulking), and houses were shedding shingles left and right like cats sitting on clean black laundry.

I had just jumped home between a day of running errands, and had a text from the Werehusband asking if the house was still standing, and if we had lost many of OUR shingles- so I went into the backroom to look out into the yard. Nothing! All good! I turned, looking out the side windows at Glennie my Trailer as I did so.. and THAT is when things got crazy!!

AS I WATCHED, the wind picked Glennie (a 27ft trailer!) RIGHT off the ground, slammed her back in, and then swung the whole shebang towards the house!! I thought she was going to go right through the wall- which, coincidentally, is the wall of the Temporarily Glorious Hair Bathroom where I am working while Glennie’s renovations continue.. OH NO!!! Here goes BOTH of my salon spaces at one go!!

LUCKILY!! Glennie got stuck on a bush, and that swung her out of the wind-zone just enough that she kind of lodged there. The Werehusband was able to rush quickly home from work, with the kindness of his bosses, to tie her down however he could.


Once the weather was stable enough to investigate, we could see that Glennie was tilted at a crazy angle, her chassis was actually laying on the dirt, and her trailer hitch was sunk flat into the ground! That’s like 2 feet of hitch, punched down into the dirt like it was nothing!!

The Werehusband’s kind boss came on the weekend and pulled her free, and lo and behold… miracle of miracle here… NOTHING WAS BROKEN! And, weirder, the few things that were inside weren’t even tipped over or scrambled around! It’s like in those news reports of campsites and trailers hit by tornados, and some of them are totally gone, and others still have their lawnchairs and whirli-gigs untouched!

So, now Glennie is safely tucked away more behind the house, and anchored to some tie downs (where she will stay when she’s not on the road). PHEW!

I’m surprised the paint didn’t blister off the walls with the force of all my swearing! And I don’t think I’ve ever stared at something so hard in my life, trying to hold her on the ground with the force of my eyeballs. HAHA!

So… adventures continue, and renos are underway.. Stay tuned!

-love, M.


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