Closet Challenge- Day 16

Day 16!

Ahh, slightly cooler this morning, so the black cardigan makes a token appearance at last! I’m sure it won’t stay long, but at least i got to pull it out of hermitage!

items: navy and white dress, black cardigan (plus navy striped belt and adorable hairband by )

style: vintage lady who does lunch

comfort: very! But this cardi is coming off as the thermostat rises

hair: refreshed with No-Suds cleansing conditioner by Framesi, styled with a little leave-in-detangler (Miracle Detangler by Original Sprout). I find this product gives me softness, but also a little weight and a more matte finish. Kind of like a classic set, brushed out to a soft glow.

12 days left!! Whoot whoot! How about you guys- are you contemplating your own Closet Challenge?

Be Awesome!



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