It begins!

Whoot whoot! Welcome to the new

Scissorkitty Rock N Roll Hair BLOG!

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            My name is Morgan, and I am a hairstylist located in the lovely St.Thomas Ontario, right outside London.I have my own little vintage themed, vegan hair studio called Scissorkitty Rock N Roll Hair, and I am happy to spend my days doing dos, styling styles, colouring, cutting, chatting, making friends, having various hair adventures, and being slightly ridiculously nerdy. I also really enjoy testing out new vegan hair products, so I’ll be reviewing those and seeing what’s awesome, and what’s maybe no-so-much.

In my spare time, I like to craft, brew kombucha, play with our kitties or bunny, garden, read, mess around with various projects and the like. Join me on my adventures, and lets see what we can stir up together!