Closet Challenge- Day 18


Day 18′ aka, Return of the Green Shirt i Don’t Like.

Ugh. I feel like a Christmas ornament in this combination, and the green t is making my new silver hair look muddy. See how much nicer it looked in the blue shirt of yesterday? Colour is all about perception.

So, I guess I’ve learned that while I DO love a nice fresh green, i DON’T always love it on myself. Or as a shirt, as least. The upside is that this shirt is nice and lightweight, and will be AWESOME to take camping next weekend, cos i seriously dont care what happens to it! lol!

items: green t, red floral skirt (which is starting to show a few signs of wear but.. did i mention I nought it at a thrift store for $6? It is definitely earning its keep!)

style: christmas in july :/

comfort: yes! i mean, i’m UNcomfortable with the look, but VERY comfy in the clothes themselves.

hair: NOT a fab hairday at the moment, due to yucky clothes pairings. This silver colour looks AMAZING with blues, blacks, navy, white… but sadly, not green. Methinks this shirt might get traded for a tanktop today, just so i dont look yellowed out as i run errands!

Be awesome!

(12 days left!!)



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