Closet Challenge- Day 19

Day 19- the Importance of being Versatile!

Today I’m wearing, again, one of my favourite combinations: the black tank and green skort. I feel comfy, put-together, and the black really makes my hair look awesome (lol!), unlike yesterday’s ugly green shirt.

items: black tank and green skort

comfort: ahhhhhh. relaxed!

style: punky pixie goes to the Market

Speaking of hair- one of my favourite ways to cut hair, and apply creative colour, is asymmetrically- because this gives the wearer more versatility! Since I’m currently lacking the ability to be very versatile with my clothes, it’s really great to be able to play with my hair a bit more.

You can see above how flipping my fringe from one side to the other makes the blue bits show more, or less. Also, the asymmetric length lets me have a rounder, choppier finish in one direction, and a cleaner, more precise look in my regular style.

If you’ve been contemplating going shorter with your ‘do, or adding bangs or layers in front, consider asking your stylist (me?) for some asymmetry! Two (or more!) looks for the price of one! 🙂

Be Awesome!




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