The secret, unleashed!! Mobile Hair Lair reveal!


Heya, cats & kittens!

Things are really coming along, and it’s time for me to unleash the BIIIIG NEWS! Some of you will have known about this on the “down-low” for almost a year!



That’s right. The Werehusband has been hard at work helping me to turn THIS beautiful beast (top left photo) into a Mobile Vintage Hair Lair! When parked, Glennie here will be my regular day-to-day homebased Hair Lair (just above ground!).. but for carshows, events and especially for WEDDINGS, the whole she-bang will roll to the rescue!

There’s a lot of work still to do- and obviously a good paint job is in order!- but now seems like the perfect time to share this exciting news with the world!

Here’s a brief timeline of what’s been happening:

Wed Sept 23rd 2015- bought the trailer! We were offered a place to store her over the winter (thanks, Daysie!), so she was parked, tarped, and the real planning begun!

January and ongoing- I have been #superlucky enough to be selected as part of the Startwise Program: a government supported initiative to help boost/build/begin small businesses in our area. (You may have seen me blushing like a fool in the London Free Press, and the various St.Thomas newspapers!) Rigorous brain-beating classes, banking sessions, tons of homework (and a few glasses of wine later!)- Scissorkitty qualified for some amazing support and resources to get Glennie (the Mobile Lair is a late 60s Glendale) going! I dont have enough glowing things to say about the London Small Business Centre, and our phenomenal Small Business Enterprise Centre #sbec here in St.Thomas! #stthomasproud

May and June- Glennie came to our house (where she’s been clogging the driveway ever since! lol!). A LOT of deconstruction had to happen as we gutted back to the aluminum and studs.. and then we discovered a lot of rotten studs and flooring!! :/

June 29th stands out- that’s the day i discovered a nest of BABY MICE in the wall!! Poor little fuzzies! TheWerehusband Googled “mouse milk”, and we attempted to save them (after leaving them undisturbed for a day, to give Mumsy a chance to return first. Thanks, Laura, for your awesome advice, and for calming my crazy panic!!). They did unfortunately die.

July and August- reframing as a family (notice my amazing men-folk wielding tools in the photos!)! The Werehusband put in some MAJOR overtime hours doing a beautiful job of rebuilding Glennie’s rotten bones- even giving her roof back some of her original curves! Roof sealing, patching, window replacement and junk removal, plus begining to lay down a new subfloor.. and did i mention all new towlights and wiring harness, electrical consult, scrap yard trips, 4 new tires, new trailer jack and lock, and all sorts of supplies later… phew!

Next? LOTS more fun to be had as Glennie gets ready for Wedding Season 2017!!

Stay tuned for more updates!!

Love and be awesome-



2 thoughts on “The secret, unleashed!! Mobile Hair Lair reveal!

  1. dearthelmalovelouise says:

    Hi there! What exciting news! I remember you best from my early Western Fair Market days. I invited you out for a day of hairstyling while I ran my booth Rebel Art which was a photo booth/artsyvfartsy booth then. In 2014 I opened my own mobile shop selling artsy stuff and vintage retro goods called Dear Thelma, Love Louise at all the festivals and events. We went through the same process as you, gutted and rebuilt from the inside out an old trailer (Thelma). I painted her up and we hit the road. Unfortunately due to a chronic illness, I am unable to drive and pull her around now so in 2017 we will be parking her and turning her into a honeymoon suite or lovers lair of sorts. Good Luck with the new venture! Love it! I will happily spread the word!


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