We made it at last- Surprise!

housepicfeb2017Heya cats and kittens!

So, I am currently BEYOND negligent when it comes to upkeeping this Blog. I truly apologize! Ever have something so randomly surprising drop in your lap that your brains just kind of leak out, and you lose track of a lot of (very important) threads? This is one of those things.

We bought out Dream Farm!!

So… I may or may not have mentioned this in the past- the Werehusband and I have wanted to own our own little patch of grass for some time- nothing ginomous, just an acre or two outside the city to plant stuff on, run around, get the Foxling to stretch his legs, perhaps find a doggy friend, throw in some chickens, and generally muck about. Well… in a chunk of about 6 weeks, IT TOTALLY HAPPENED!! (no dog or chickens yet….)


Well… I have a wonderful friend, who was a hair client until a new career made our schedules too hard to sync, who contacted me because she had just gotten started in real estate, and did we know anyone looking for new digs? I mentioned us, as a total Time Waster, because we HAD been looking (for 9 years), but not with any actual plans or end-game. Anyway, she was up for it, we browsed, we made an offer on a place, and we suddenly had 32hrs to get our little home cleaned up and listed.


So.. my brains leaked out, but we did it, and we listed our little bungalow. In the meantime, the house we had an offer in on DECIDED TO GO WITH SOMEONE ELSE- and then our house sold in 6 DAYS!!!! Holy Guacamole!! (If you are in Southwestern Ontario, and need a ROCKING real estate agent, you just shoot me a line and let me know!) But.. now we didn’t have a house, and the closing date was Feb 1st!


It is JUST outside town, with 2.6 acres (2 acres of farmland, .6 acres of backyard), within easy walking/biking distance of the Werehusband’s job, within EYESITE of the Foxling’s best friend’s house, within spitting distance of what seems to be 80% of my existing clientele, AND- most importantly, JUUUUUUUST within our budget! It is perfect. It’s the kind of place where I walked in and felt “Ahhh. home” right away!

So- here we are! THERE HAVE been some issues and surprises- not the least being that we upheaved our lives and moved house in such a short time. The Foxling is at a new school and now rides the school bus every day- and he loves it, so that’s all working out. We are “enjoying” the hairy-scary part of a new home where the first bills start coming it (plus the FINAL bills from the old place, plus all those lovely moving and re-connecting fees…), the upstairs toilet needed a new seal, the bathtub broke and needed $200 of repair/plumber stuff (Need a good plumber? I found one!), there are various odd things that need tweaking, and there is NO wall insulation, so this place is FREEZING AT NIGHT! (Thank you, un-seasonable, unlikely and probably un-good for the world in general, but helpful right now Warm Snap!).

And now that we are getting settled in.. TIME TO UPDATE THIS POOR BLOG! I’ve missed typing about our adventures over here in the Hair Lair!

Which brings me to…. my Temporary Hair Lair- the Glorious Hair Bathroom. Yep. The downstairs bathroom is a reasonably large combo bathroom/laundry room.. and that is where I am working out of while we finish Glennie the Trailer! 🙂  I have a little screen I pop up around the toilet to hide it, and my hairdryer it set on a box in the utility sink next to the washing machine, and I have to move chairs to cut/wash/dry/recline… and my wax pot died of a massive wax hemmorhage, but we’re making it work! And- it IS only temporary. Glennie is still my ultimate goal!


So there you have it!

What have you guys been up to for the start of 2017?



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