Trailer Renos continue.. waterproofing woes.

Arg!! Le siigh.

There’s waterproofing… and then there’s “Says it’s Waterproofing on the Overly Expensive Tiny Can, but is Actually No Such Thing”. It turns out that i have expensively purchased, and the Werehusband has laborously applied, just such an epic failure.

I bought TWO precious little cans of a Highly Popular and Often Recommended brand of roll-on trailer roofing sealant. I don’t wanna say the name.. but it is HIGHLY POPULAR.. like, probably one of the very first white roof coatings that would pop up on a Google search. Just sayin’.

HOW MANY LEAKS CAN THERE BEEEEEE??? I’m starting to feel like Glennie is going to make a better pasta sieve than a Hair Lair!!

It turns out that September has been a deceptively busy time for our family- so Glennie has been slightly back burnered. Luckily, from a Human Safety perspective, it’s also been a busy time for our Electrician Buddy.. so the wiring isn’t affected by the deluge of misfortune.. cos it doesn’t exist yet!

I don’t kniw why, when building a mental schedule of trailer repairs for Glennie, I didn’t account for the Monster starting Junior Kindergarten.. this has been a great adventure for him, and a rather much-needed crash course in “Daaamn, my days go by fast now!!” for me! (We aren’t doing before-or-after school care.)

Many thoughts rushing through my Kitty Brains today! But.. never fear! Glennie WILL be finished in style! (eventually) The leaks WILL be sealed! (with my tears, if necessary!)… And until then, rockin’ rolling awesome hair will continue to be done in my Hair Lair!

Now, as i pull myself outta this little funk here.. check out a local news article on me and Glennie! We made the paper! 🙂 HERE:


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