I made it!: Test Human makes Magical Hand Salve (with super easy ingredients!)

Heya Cats and Kittens!

So, this seasonal changey grossness outside can be pretty rotten on our lovely skin. Or not so lovely skin. Or it can make it pretty crappy, really, is what I’m trying to nicely get across here. It stinks. Knuckles crack, cuticles look like saw-toothed dinosaurs, the backs of my hands belong to a 96 year old laundry lady.. things are a bit dry and gross.

My main concern, however, is that the Foxling has inherited my crappy skin- and so his darling little 5yo paws are just as cracked and sore as mine are- which is extra awful, because he has HIS WHOLE LIFE to make them start sucking.

So- TEST HUMAN TO THE RESCUE! Plus, obviously, internet searches, and the shared knowledge of some amazing crafty friends (Sarah E!)- I have made hand cream!


You will need:

Shea butter (which comes in BRICKS or little tubs- who knew?)

Vitamin E oil

Jojoba oil (Jo-jo-bah? Sounds like a Jedi! Or.. is it “ho-ho-bah”? I’m not sure how to pronounce this…)

Grapeseed oil

Raw (unpasteurized) honey. (Preferably local, cos YUM! And also- because BEES.)

A glass measuring cup or mixing bowl that can go in the microwave

A microwave (although you could totally do this stove-top style, obviously. I am lazy. I did not.)

Measuring cups/spoons

Small containers, tins, something to put the cream in. This made 3 small tubs like the one in the picture above.



1/4 cup Shea Butter, 1 tsp Vitamin E Oil, 1/8 cup Jojoba Oil, 1/8 cup Grapeseed oil- add all these things into your glass measuring cup, and microwave at 15 second intervals until you can stir it all together and not have any lingering lumps.

Now QUICKLY add in your honey- stir vigorously to get it all melted, and pour it into your containers. Don’t dawdle- this stuff sets surprisingly fast!

Pop on the lids, and put your containers in the fridge for about 30min.


Seriously. That’s it. It took, like, less than 5 minutes. The hardest part was..um.. nothing. This is not hard at all. And the cream is AMAZING! It melts into your skin with just the lightest of scents, and it soothes all those poor scratchy bits away. I like it so much, I’ve been using mine as face cream! HA!!! (I mean, I won’t in the summer, because I’ll melt away in a pile of oil. but for now? Golden!) I’ve also rubbed some into the dry tips of my very-processed hair.. hehehe. MULTITASKING!

If it gets warm, it DOES start to melt a bit, so you can keep it in the fridge if you want it more solid, or let it sit out for a softer cream/lotion.





*DO YOU make things? Products? Like what? Suggestions? Criticisms? Let me know!


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