How To: quickie curling set

Heya cats and kittens!

So, the other day I was feeling kinda glamorous, so I did a quick video tutorial of a fast set and comb-out with a little vintage style. Check it out via my NEW YouTube Channel!


Feb 2017- a quick silver set and comb out.. check out the YouTube video for products and how-to!




We made it at last- Surprise!

housepicfeb2017Heya cats and kittens!

So, I am currently BEYOND negligent when it comes to upkeeping this Blog. I truly apologize! Ever have something so randomly surprising drop in your lap that your brains just kind of leak out, and you lose track of a lot of (very important) threads? This is one of those things.

We bought out Dream Farm!!

So… I may or may not have mentioned this in the past- the Werehusband and I have wanted to own our own little patch of grass for some time- nothing ginomous, just an acre or two outside the city to plant stuff on, run around, get the Foxling to stretch his legs, perhaps find a doggy friend, throw in some chickens, and generally muck about. Well… in a chunk of about 6 weeks, IT TOTALLY HAPPENED!! (no dog or chickens yet….)


Well… I have a wonderful friend, who was a hair client until a new career made our schedules too hard to sync, who contacted me because she had just gotten started in real estate, and did we know anyone looking for new digs? I mentioned us, as a total Time Waster, because we HAD been looking (for 9 years), but not with any actual plans or end-game. Anyway, she was up for it, we browsed, we made an offer on a place, and we suddenly had 32hrs to get our little home cleaned up and listed.


So.. my brains leaked out, but we did it, and we listed our little bungalow. In the meantime, the house we had an offer in on DECIDED TO GO WITH SOMEONE ELSE- and then our house sold in 6 DAYS!!!! Holy Guacamole!! (If you are in Southwestern Ontario, and need a ROCKING real estate agent, you just shoot me a line and let me know!) But.. now we didn’t have a house, and the closing date was Feb 1st!


It is JUST outside town, with 2.6 acres (2 acres of farmland, .6 acres of backyard), within easy walking/biking distance of the Werehusband’s job, within EYESITE of the Foxling’s best friend’s house, within spitting distance of what seems to be 80% of my existing clientele, AND- most importantly, JUUUUUUUST within our budget! It is perfect. It’s the kind of place where I walked in and felt “Ahhh. home” right away!

So- here we are! THERE HAVE been some issues and surprises- not the least being that we upheaved our lives and moved house in such a short time. The Foxling is at a new school and now rides the school bus every day- and he loves it, so that’s all working out. We are “enjoying” the hairy-scary part of a new home where the first bills start coming it (plus the FINAL bills from the old place, plus all those lovely moving and re-connecting fees…), the upstairs toilet needed a new seal, the bathtub broke and needed $200 of repair/plumber stuff (Need a good plumber? I found one!), there are various odd things that need tweaking, and there is NO wall insulation, so this place is FREEZING AT NIGHT! (Thank you, un-seasonable, unlikely and probably un-good for the world in general, but helpful right now Warm Snap!).

And now that we are getting settled in.. TIME TO UPDATE THIS POOR BLOG! I’ve missed typing about our adventures over here in the Hair Lair!

Which brings me to…. my Temporary Hair Lair- the Glorious Hair Bathroom. Yep. The downstairs bathroom is a reasonably large combo bathroom/laundry room.. and that is where I am working out of while we finish Glennie the Trailer! 🙂  I have a little screen I pop up around the toilet to hide it, and my hairdryer it set on a box in the utility sink next to the washing machine, and I have to move chairs to cut/wash/dry/recline… and my wax pot died of a massive wax hemmorhage, but we’re making it work! And- it IS only temporary. Glennie is still my ultimate goal!


So there you have it!

What have you guys been up to for the start of 2017?


Silver hair how-to using OCS

From January 1, 2017

Happy New Year (much belated) Cats & Kittens!

So, in the midst of the Great Relocation (moving to our New Dream Farm, as mentioned HERE ), I had to re-do my roots- and I decided to try going Glorious Silver!


Now, Silver isn’t an easy colour to achieve- and with all the fashionable play it’s getting right now, I thought it would be an awesome challenge! As always, I like to see what I can swing creatively using Organic Colour Systems colour- a totally vegan, cruelty-free, organically based, no-ammonia brand of AMAZING colour made by Herb UK. It’s my standard colour line, here in the Hair Lair.

THIS is what I did for a formula: (which is also listed on my Instagram)

using Organic Colour Systems:
1.starting level natural 4/5. Lift to level 10 palest yellow with Naturlite and 40vol cream + naturlite oil on roots, and the same + 10vol cream on any gold in the previously lightened ends.
(20min with heat)
2. Wash with AG Colour Care shampoo.
3. tone with: 14g OCS silver concentrate + 2g violet concentrate + 10g naturlite oil + 10vol cream. Apply to all roots, cover and under heat 10min. Massage thru and leave another 10min without heat.
4. Wash and condition with AG Colour Care shampoo and conditioner, and prep for styling with Framesi Hair Primer spray.
Happy New Year!!

The results were awesome! I DID find that over about 2 weeks, the colour would “blonde up” on me, and I’d have to retone.. which led me to my NEXT toning adventure! Stay tuned!

Gettin’ my 90s on- Test Human product review: Nyx Jumbo Eye pencil


Oh, the quest to find a perfect black eyeliner to colour in my waterline (that wee band of tissue between your lashes and actual eyeball).. i spent many hours and several dollars (because i didn’t understand quality vs price) back in my Goth teen years searching for a prize in this category.

Today, I’m getting my 90s on, and testing the Jumbo Eye pencil in Black Bean by cruelty-free makeup lovelies Nyx!

I was surprised right off the hop by how inexpensive this gem was- $6.99 CAN plus tax at Shopper’s Drug Mart ( for those of you lovely readers who aren’t Canadian- this is a pharmacy..not a place to score. lol!).

The packaging is very secure.. it took me several tries and a bent fingernail to prise away the plastic safety seal. The product itself is creamy and glidey.. and non-glittery! ( do NOT attempt to line your waterline with a glittery liner.. ouch!!)

I lined below my lashes with some concealer to hopefully minimize the dreaded “melted raccoon eyes” effect that seems to usually happen.. so now I wait! Applied at 915am.


update: it is now 230pm- and i haven’t retouched the liner. It still feels great! There HAS been some creepage under my outer corners, and into my tear duct. The centre of my bottom lids remain, as do almost my entire upper waterlines. I’m not sure if my concealer-boundary line has actually helped, or if it has made it worse.. but this is definitely one of the better liners I’ve used! .. AND with no animal testing!


Trailer Renos continue.. waterproofing woes.

Arg!! Le siigh.

There’s waterproofing… and then there’s “Says it’s Waterproofing on the Overly Expensive Tiny Can, but is Actually No Such Thing”. It turns out that i have expensively purchased, and the Werehusband has laborously applied, just such an epic failure.

I bought TWO precious little cans of a Highly Popular and Often Recommended brand of roll-on trailer roofing sealant. I don’t wanna say the name.. but it is HIGHLY POPULAR.. like, probably one of the very first white roof coatings that would pop up on a Google search. Just sayin’.

HOW MANY LEAKS CAN THERE BEEEEEE??? I’m starting to feel like Glennie is going to make a better pasta sieve than a Hair Lair!!

It turns out that September has been a deceptively busy time for our family- so Glennie has been slightly back burnered. Luckily, from a Human Safety perspective, it’s also been a busy time for our Electrician Buddy.. so the wiring isn’t affected by the deluge of misfortune.. cos it doesn’t exist yet!

I don’t kniw why, when building a mental schedule of trailer repairs for Glennie, I didn’t account for the Monster starting Junior Kindergarten.. this has been a great adventure for him, and a rather much-needed crash course in “Daaamn, my days go by fast now!!” for me! (We aren’t doing before-or-after school care.)

Many thoughts rushing through my Kitty Brains today! But.. never fear! Glennie WILL be finished in style! (eventually) The leaks WILL be sealed! (with my tears, if necessary!)… And until then, rockin’ rolling awesome hair will continue to be done in my Hair Lair!

Now, as i pull myself outta this little funk here.. check out a local news article on me and Glennie! We made the paper! 🙂 HERE:

Product Review: Fruits&Passion Eye Patches


Fruits&Passion “Smoothing Eye Patches for Tired Eyes”.

Hola, cats and kittens!

It’s time for another “Test Human” experiment! Tomorrow i turn 35 (yay!! birthday!), and I’ll admit that my one hesitation about getting older is seeing little sags and bags start to form around my eyes. Other wrinkles? I don’t care! Crow’s feet are sweet! Laugh lines are divine! But… my purple under-eye baggage drives me crazy.

Enter these cute little patches! They are silicone-gelly half moons that cling to your under-eye area with nutritious, soothing goopiness. “For all skin types”, throw ’em on, and leave them for 30-40min.

The packaging is cute and easy to open. The patches are easy to put on, and the smell is light and fresh.

AND THEY BUUUUUUURN!!! Ok- maybe not everyone. Obviously enough people DON’T set their under-eyes on fire with these that they’ve made it to market. And, in defense of F&P, i do have super sensitive weirdi skin. BUT IT BUUUUURNS!!! I lasted 3 minutes before my left eye area became too itchy to stand.

I tossed these babies in the trash, and repeatedly rinsed my eyes with cool water and soap. PHEW!!

No harm done, it seems, but i will NOT be picking up another pack of these! Anyone else struggle with under-eye baggage? What do you use? What have you loved, and have you ever accidentally set those bags aflame with innocent looking gelly eye patches?


Be awesome!


Trailer Tales: Window re-working!

Heya cats & kittens!

Work continues on Glennie! I just found out there IS still a local glass place- so the door will be next up! But right now- these lovely old windows are getting some much needed TLC!


Have I mentioned how much i love and appreciate the Werehusband and all his many skills? I don’t know WHAT state Glennie would be in without his hours and hours of skilled handyness! Well.. actually, she’d be in pretty much the same junkpot shape i bought her in. heh.

Anyway- above, you can see an un-fixed window in the first picture. I really want to keep as many of the lovely old louvered-glass windows as possible: not just to save precious $$, but also for that awesome vintage look AND great ventilation! (one of the windows has a special lever that locks the louvers into the frame and makes the WHOLE thing swing out as an emergency exit! SO cool! I have NOT told the Monster which one, because i dont want “Climbing out Mama’s Window” to be the newest game around here!)

In the second picture, you can see a window the Werehusband already fixed- he removed the whole thing, scraped off all the old bondo/grout/edgey grossness, reframed it without rotten wood (needless luxury? i know, i know… lol!), put the window back in, and then sealed all around it with transparent caulking silicone. Easy! (-for me. easy for ME, because i am just doing laundry, and writing this, and vacuuming my car with my helpful 4yo Monster. Not so easy for Handy McUsesTools over there!)

Half the windows are now reframed, half to go! Work continues!!

Stay awesome!




Test Human- new hair growth vitamins from Organic Colour Systems- DAY ONE

“Test Human” sounds so much nicer than “Guinea Pig”, doesn’t it? As you might know, dear Cats and Kittens, Scissorkitty is AGAINST all forms of animal testing in the beauty industry. I’m not a scientist, nor am i a chemist or a medical expert.. but when it comes to beauty, is anything REALLY totally new? New enough that it’s a start-from-scratch scenario? New enough to warrant testing on poor animals, who can’t give us a fair verbal reaction value anyway? (and we have plenty of people lacking jobs, hungy students, pedophiles in prison, etc…)…

Anyway, i test things on myself. I AM my own “Test Human”! 🙂 I also have amazing clients and friends who are often up for a challenge.

Back to what is happening: My colour line, Organic Colour Systems (which is, now obviously, NOT tested on animals, and has no animal ingredients, ammonia, pthalates, ppds, etc..) has come out with “Rep-Hair”, hair health and growth encouraging vitamins. There are 60 in a bottle, and you are advised to take one per day with water. They contain NO gluten, yeast, sugar, lactose, additives AND are vegetarian and vegan friendly. I’m game!

Above, you can see my Day One roots photos. My hair is newly cropped and lightened to a silver blonde, so my naturally dark roots will be super obvious… let’s see what happens!

ingredients: thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin b6, folic acid, vitamin b12, biotin, pantothenic acid.

note: i ALWAYS take vitamins with food, to avoid a yucky “vitamin belly” sick feeling.


be awesome!


The secret, unleashed!! Mobile Hair Lair reveal!


Heya, cats & kittens!

Things are really coming along, and it’s time for me to unleash the BIIIIG NEWS! Some of you will have known about this on the “down-low” for almost a year!



That’s right. The Werehusband has been hard at work helping me to turn THIS beautiful beast (top left photo) into a Mobile Vintage Hair Lair! When parked, Glennie here will be my regular day-to-day homebased Hair Lair (just above ground!).. but for carshows, events and especially for WEDDINGS, the whole she-bang will roll to the rescue!

There’s a lot of work still to do- and obviously a good paint job is in order!- but now seems like the perfect time to share this exciting news with the world!

Here’s a brief timeline of what’s been happening:

Wed Sept 23rd 2015- bought the trailer! We were offered a place to store her over the winter (thanks, Daysie!), so she was parked, tarped, and the real planning begun!

January and ongoing- I have been #superlucky enough to be selected as part of the Startwise Program: a government supported initiative to help boost/build/begin small businesses in our area. (You may have seen me blushing like a fool in the London Free Press, and the various St.Thomas newspapers!) Rigorous brain-beating classes, banking sessions, tons of homework (and a few glasses of wine later!)- Scissorkitty qualified for some amazing support and resources to get Glennie (the Mobile Lair is a late 60s Glendale) going! I dont have enough glowing things to say about the London Small Business Centre, and our phenomenal Small Business Enterprise Centre #sbec here in St.Thomas! #stthomasproud

May and June- Glennie came to our house (where she’s been clogging the driveway ever since! lol!). A LOT of deconstruction had to happen as we gutted back to the aluminum and studs.. and then we discovered a lot of rotten studs and flooring!! :/

June 29th stands out- that’s the day i discovered a nest of BABY MICE in the wall!! Poor little fuzzies! TheWerehusband Googled “mouse milk”, and we attempted to save them (after leaving them undisturbed for a day, to give Mumsy a chance to return first. Thanks, Laura, for your awesome advice, and for calming my crazy panic!!). They did unfortunately die.

July and August- reframing as a family (notice my amazing men-folk wielding tools in the photos!)! The Werehusband put in some MAJOR overtime hours doing a beautiful job of rebuilding Glennie’s rotten bones- even giving her roof back some of her original curves! Roof sealing, patching, window replacement and junk removal, plus begining to lay down a new subfloor.. and did i mention all new towlights and wiring harness, electrical consult, scrap yard trips, 4 new tires, new trailer jack and lock, and all sorts of supplies later… phew!

Next? LOTS more fun to be had as Glennie gets ready for Wedding Season 2017!!

Stay tuned for more updates!!

Love and be awesome-


How to make Washing Soda- cos sometimes this junk is impossible to find!


Heys cats & kittens!

So, you readmy laundry soap post and can’t find Washing Sodaanywhere? Not to worry! Scissorkitty to the rescue.

Washing Soda is chemically Na2CO3, and good ol’ fashioned Baking Soda is NaHCO3..

Basically- heat your oven to 400°, and pour a box of baking soda into a glass baking dish. Spread it out evenly, and pop it in the oven! I bake mine for about an hour, stirring every so often. You are simply baking out the water (hydrogen), thereby increasing the salt/carbon.

Baking soda is kind of shiny, and feels sift to touch. It makes water silky. WASHING SODA looks duller, feels grittier, and may have a greyish tinge. AND IS VERY TOXIC!! So- label it properly, and store it well away from your baking supplies.

Tadaa!! Simple science!

Be awesome