I see the Light! DIY light changing

switchkitchHeya, Cats & Kittens!

So, as we settle in to the Magical Dream Farm, yet another project popped up- changing the kitchen lighting!

Dudes. I was NOT digging the weird frosted samurai looking monstrosity looming in the not-middle of the kitchen. We have a large kitchen island- which this eyesore was NOT centered over. At all. Or really near. Just kind of hanging out at an odd corner of the fridge..

Anyway! First, we thought we might do some sort of track lighting to bring the light over towards the island more… but THEN!

I was wandering through HomeSense with a friend, and they have LIGHTING THERE! did you know that? i MOST CERTAINLY did not! And they have some really cool stuff! Anyway, I found a pendant light that was really neat- the glass is kind of bubbly, and the cord is really long- I almost picked a more modern one with wood involved, but my friend has better taste than me, and pointed out that THIS one is much more unique and vintage-y looking- and she was totally right!

It pays to have smart friends.

I’d love to say the switch was a DIY of mine.. and i know that’s what it says in the heading.. but I’m actually going to call this what it is- a DIPW (Do it Please, WereHusband)! It’s not that i COULDN’T have done it- with supervison, as I have no idea how to do this.. but NOW i know! But- I am very short, and the WereHusband can reach the ceiling from the damn FLOOR- so he was the golden choice for this job. Anyway, TADAA!!! Because the cord is so long, we were able to keep the original mounting base (and not have to rewire stuff.. perhaps not the taste of everyone, but I don’t mind it!) and use a ceiling hook to stretch the light to hang nicely OVER the island (where it damn-well belongs!!). YAY!!!


What do you think? Are you a fan of the black and frosted thingy, or the new look?



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