Shelving DIY

Hiya, Cats & Kittens

So, now that we are happily ensconced in our Magical Dream Farm, we’ve started completing some of those random little projects that a new home always seems to bring.

I am a BIG FAN of Pyrex. I know it has some detractions- there is a distinct possibility that it may leach lead into food-but it is BEAUTIFUL, and I love it for display anyway.

In our old home, I had a GREAT set up of shelves to showcase my little collection- but with the Grand Relocation, I have no such thing. So I decided to put some up!

First, I had to FIND THE STUDS (heh!) using a Stud Finder. Studs are the long pieces of wood that run up a wall, so the other boards and drywall can screw into them. They are hard (heh, again!), and they are what you want to attach shelves and stuff to, so your nice things don’t fall onto the floor and become significantly less-nice. I marked the studs, and measured how I wanted my shelves to be on the wall (it is a diagonal-type wall, so I needed different lengths of shelf-tracks. I am a big fan of black iron and raw pine used together, and Home Hardware carries BOTH these things, for a very reasonable price.). I needed 2 4ft long tracks, and 1 2ft long track, and then I also needed 7 12″long shelf brackets, and wood for the shelves. I measured a LOT- because I typically kinda slap-dash things, and I wanted to actually appear competent for once.

Here’s my wood! (all the hehs!)


I got all the parts (after a second trip to get the 2ft long part, which I had forgotten about, because I wasn’t thinking about how long the shelves would be), installed the wall parts, and then waited for the WereHusband to come home and show me how to use the Big Scary Basement Saw Thingy that will Surely Remove All My Precious Fingers. And Then Who will Teach You to do Fingerwaves, I Ask You? Who???? uh.. anyway…

I’m sure there’s loads of you out there in the Great Interwebs who are already super handy with shelves, and stud finders (heh!), and measuring stuff, and using a big scary finger-remover (aka giant saw thingy in the basement), but I am a bit namby-pamby about this.. so it is with Great Pride that I show you MY SHELVES!!!


shelvesdoneI am very impressed with myself! The coffee sign holds the salt lamp cord against the wall, so it won’t get accidentally grabbed when picking a tea cup! The tea cups are my Granny’s, and the table is my Great-Grandma’s! (and in the bottom right is a pouf of the Foxling’s glorious mop)


So- are you a big DIY type person? Do you measure twice, cut once?



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