Holy Guacamole- GF Pancakes that DON’T SUCK! Test Human survives!

I did it.


I don’t know how… I don’t know what blessed stars aligned, or whether I got out of bed on my left foot yesterday, or if I should have bought a lottery ticket… but somehow I successfully created EASY GLUTEN-FREE PANCAKES! (Actually, GRAIN-FREE).

And, they didn’t suck!

Now, I am ok in the kitchen. I cook 99.9% of the food we eat over here at our Magical Dream Farm, and the wise dudes I live with don’t complain. But- I am repeatedly stymied by pancakes. Firstly, I ALWAYS do something wrong with the batter, even when I strictly follow the recipe. Secondly, I can’t seem to pour the batter nicely, so I don’t get nice round shapes, and Lastly, I can’t effectively flip pancakes OR keep the pan an even temperature (apparently), because they get more and more burnt as I go. Yum. NOT!


And this is how I did it.


1 1/2 cups of GF flour/flour blend of your choice. I used PC All-Purpose.

3T baking powder* (I actually used 3 1/2T, but the foaminess was CRAZY, so I’m going to reduce this amount slightly next time, and  I suggest you do the same.)

1T baking soda

2T brown sugar* (I used sweetened almond milk, and IF i use the same next time, I’ll leave out the brown sugar, because they were a little too sweet with both.)

2 eggs

1 1/4cups milk of your choice. I used Silk Almond- sweetened Original

1T vanilla

3T melted butter (plus more for the skillet/pan/whatever)


Mix all your dry stuff together first. You can use one of those fancy sifter thingies- I tried too- but my brown sugar clumped it up and make me angry, and then I had to take a short break and wander around my kitchen swearing.. so do what suits you here. I did this step WAAAAAY ahead of time- like in the morning, when I wouldn’t be making the pancakes until the evening. Just pop a lid on a pyrex or something and keep it uncontaminated until you need it. (And by this, I mean keep all the damn cat hair in this joint outta the mix!)

When you are ready: First! I fired up our “George Foreman” portable grill. The Dream Farm has a big island with an outlet, and I hit on the great idea of setting it up for pancake making like one of those fancy omelette bars at a golf course brunch. 🙂 I set it at 350degrees, then melted a few scrapings of butter.

As that melted, I added all my wet ingredients to my mix, and stirred them together. It got kinda foamy and weird- I was sure it was totally ruined.. but I used my 1T scoop (Pampered Chef), and dropped it onto the hot buttered drill. I used a spatula dipped in a glass of water to flatten out my little blobs a bit, because they just sat on the grill in balls.. and THEN THEY COOKED!

I flipped them after about 2 min, did the other side, added more butter when needed, and repeat!

I can’t believe this worked.

They were golden, soft, and awesome. AND EASY AS ANYTHING! Plus- since I made my mix out of things I already had, instead of buying a pre-made GF pancake mix, I saved about a bazillionty-dollars.

Give ’em a try, and let me know how they work for you! Do you have any easy GF recipes you’ve come up with? And did you eat pancakes for “Pancake Tuesday” yesterday? I’m not religious- but i am a BIG FAN of breakfast foods! 🙂

Be awesome!



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