Silver hair- Pravana Color Silk

Heya Cats & Kittens!

So, after getting my hair Silver using Organic Colour Systems, I was having some issues with it “blonding up” on me over time. It could be that our Magical Dream Farm has some contaminants in the water.. but whatever the cause, I decided to branch out and try something different!

I have heard nice things about Pravana colour for a few years, and I was curious to try their Color Silk Vivids- especially the Silver colour! This is a conditioning-type colour, which means that it works on the outer layer of prelightened hair, and doesn’t need to be mixed with any developers or peroxides.

The directions suggest using it on clean, dry hair, and processing for around 30 min without using heat. It ALSO suggests doing an allergy test, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE TATTOOS and are sensitive to ink. This is standard for any “funky colours”, as the direct dyes used can cause allergic reactions. Now, I have never known anyone to have an issue, and my sensitive skin has never crapped out on me due to hair colouring, but it pays to be safe- SO IGNORE A WARNING AT YOUR OWN RISK!

The colour has a stronger floral scent than I prefer- OCS is almost totally unscented, but it goes on smoothly and is quite thick out of the tube. This is most likely too messy for home use, as I bet the brighter colours stain like crazy! But the silver is less intense, and felt nice on my hair.


TADAA!! What do you think? It’s quite a blue-chrome, and over time I notice a lavender tone appear. It seems to last pretty well- I actually just did a tone on my dark regrowth, to make it fade into the silver as a “shadow root”- my ends remain pretty silver/white after just the one all-over application. The smell faded after a wash or two. (Please remember that I rarely shampoo my hair, and really just water-wash it, or use Framesi Colour Care conditioners).

Have YOU tried the “Granny Hair” trend yourself? Thoughts?



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