Silver hair how-to using OCS

From January 1, 2017

Happy New Year (much belated) Cats & Kittens!

So, in the midst of the Great Relocation (moving to our New Dream Farm, as mentioned HERE ), I had to re-do my roots- and I decided to try going Glorious Silver!


Now, Silver isn’t an easy colour to achieve- and with all the fashionable play it’s getting right now, I thought it would be an awesome challenge! As always, I like to see what I can swing creatively using Organic Colour Systems colour- a totally vegan, cruelty-free, organically based, no-ammonia brand of AMAZING colour made by Herb UK. It’s my standard colour line, here in the Hair Lair.

THIS is what I did for a formula: (which is also listed on my Instagram)

using Organic Colour Systems:
1.starting level natural 4/5. Lift to level 10 palest yellow with Naturlite and 40vol cream + naturlite oil on roots, and the same + 10vol cream on any gold in the previously lightened ends.
(20min with heat)
2. Wash with AG Colour Care shampoo.
3. tone with: 14g OCS silver concentrate + 2g violet concentrate + 10g naturlite oil + 10vol cream. Apply to all roots, cover and under heat 10min. Massage thru and leave another 10min without heat.
4. Wash and condition with AG Colour Care shampoo and conditioner, and prep for styling with Framesi Hair Primer spray.
Happy New Year!!

The results were awesome! I DID find that over about 2 weeks, the colour would “blonde up” on me, and I’d have to retone.. which led me to my NEXT toning adventure! Stay tuned!


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