Gettin’ my 90s on- Test Human product review: Nyx Jumbo Eye pencil


Oh, the quest to find a perfect black eyeliner to colour in my waterline (that wee band of tissue between your lashes and actual eyeball).. i spent many hours and several dollars (because i didn’t understand quality vs price) back in my Goth teen years searching for a prize in this category.

Today, I’m getting my 90s on, and testing the Jumbo Eye pencil in Black Bean by cruelty-free makeup lovelies Nyx!

I was surprised right off the hop by how inexpensive this gem was- $6.99 CAN plus tax at Shopper’s Drug Mart ( for those of you lovely readers who aren’t Canadian- this is a pharmacy..not a place to score. lol!).

The packaging is very secure.. it took me several tries and a bent fingernail to prise away the plastic safety seal. The product itself is creamy and glidey.. and non-glittery! ( do NOT attempt to line your waterline with a glittery liner.. ouch!!)

I lined below my lashes with some concealer to hopefully minimize the dreaded “melted raccoon eyes” effect that seems to usually happen.. so now I wait! Applied at 915am.


update: it is now 230pm- and i haven’t retouched the liner. It still feels great! There HAS been some creepage under my outer corners, and into my tear duct. The centre of my bottom lids remain, as do almost my entire upper waterlines. I’m not sure if my concealer-boundary line has actually helped, or if it has made it worse.. but this is definitely one of the better liners I’ve used! .. AND with no animal testing!



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