Product Review: Fruits&Passion Eye Patches


Fruits&Passion “Smoothing Eye Patches for Tired Eyes”.

Hola, cats and kittens!

It’s time for another “Test Human” experiment! Tomorrow i turn 35 (yay!! birthday!), and I’ll admit that my one hesitation about getting older is seeing little sags and bags start to form around my eyes. Other wrinkles? I don’t care! Crow’s feet are sweet! Laugh lines are divine! But… my purple under-eye baggage drives me crazy.

Enter these cute little patches! They are silicone-gelly half moons that cling to your under-eye area with nutritious, soothing goopiness. “For all skin types”, throw ’em on, and leave them for 30-40min.

The packaging is cute and easy to open. The patches are easy to put on, and the smell is light and fresh.

AND THEY BUUUUUUURN!!! Ok- maybe not everyone. Obviously enough people DON’T set their under-eyes on fire with these that they’ve made it to market. And, in defense of F&P, i do have super sensitive weirdi skin. BUT IT BUUUUURNS!!! I lasted 3 minutes before my left eye area became too itchy to stand.

I tossed these babies in the trash, and repeatedly rinsed my eyes with cool water and soap. PHEW!!

No harm done, it seems, but i will NOT be picking up another pack of these! Anyone else struggle with under-eye baggage? What do you use? What have you loved, and have you ever accidentally set those bags aflame with innocent looking gelly eye patches?


Be awesome!



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