Test Human- new hair growth vitamins from Organic Colour Systems- DAY ONE

“Test Human” sounds so much nicer than “Guinea Pig”, doesn’t it? As you might know, dear Cats and Kittens, Scissorkitty is AGAINST all forms of animal testing in the beauty industry. I’m not a scientist, nor am i a chemist or a medical expert.. but when it comes to beauty, is anything REALLY totally new? New enough that it’s a start-from-scratch scenario? New enough to warrant testing on poor animals, who can’t give us a fair verbal reaction value anyway? (and we have plenty of people lacking jobs, hungy students, pedophiles in prison, etc…)…

Anyway, i test things on myself. I AM my own “Test Human”! 🙂 I also have amazing clients and friends who are often up for a challenge.

Back to what is happening: My colour line, Organic Colour Systems (which is, now obviously, NOT tested on animals, and has no animal ingredients, ammonia, pthalates, ppds, etc..) has come out with “Rep-Hair”, hair health and growth encouraging vitamins. There are 60 in a bottle, and you are advised to take one per day with water. They contain NO gluten, yeast, sugar, lactose, additives AND are vegetarian and vegan friendly. I’m game!

Above, you can see my Day One roots photos. My hair is newly cropped and lightened to a silver blonde, so my naturally dark roots will be super obvious… let’s see what happens!

ingredients: thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin b6, folic acid, vitamin b12, biotin, pantothenic acid.

note: i ALWAYS take vitamins with food, to avoid a yucky “vitamin belly” sick feeling.


be awesome!



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