Bubble bubble, no toil, no trouble! How to make your own liquid laundry detergent!


Heya cats & kittens!

So, it’s that time again- about every 4months or so, I roll up my apron sleeves and cook up a big batch of laundry soap. IT IS SO EASY!! The whole deal takes less than an hour, makes about 3gal of detergent (which DOES TOTALLY WORK in our HE washer), and costs about $2! (when you divide it down)

You will need:

A BIG pot- i use my giant canning pot

A box of Borax- in the detergent aisle at most grocery stores

A container of WASHING SODA* (if you can’t find this, check my next post for instructions on how to make it!)

A bar or soap (I like Ivory- it smells like my childhood, and doesn’t leave a residue.. but you can use whatever you like!)

Any essential oils you prefer

A wooden spoon

A measuring cup

3 gallon jugs

What to do:

Fill up 1 1/2 of your chosen containers with water, and pour it into your pot. (This is SO MUCH easier than actually counting out cups of water. A gallon is about 16 cups, but there seems to be some weird mojo surrounding whether it is a Canadian/Rest of the World gallon, or a US gallon. Grrrrrr.)

Now chop or grate your soap into wee bits, and drop it into your pot. Put it all on high, and stir occasionally as you let your soap melt COMPLETELY.

While you are waiting- cos this is the longest part, fill each of your containers halfway with cold water, and set them somewhere nearby PROBABLY AT GROUND LEVEL, because that big pot is going to be heavy! I like to fill and sit them in my bathtub,because i get a little paranoid about spillage/accidentally melting my plastic jugs. heh.(What? This is entirely possible, so be sure you pick STURDY containers!)

Soap all melted? Great! Don’t let it boil yet!!! If it is, remove from the heat for this next step! (unless you want a giant foam explosion!) Skim off any stubborn chunks and foam. Now add 1 1/4 cups of Borax, and 1 1/4 cups of Washing Soda. Stir gently so you can feel the granules dissolve without making massive foam.(Return to heat if you removed it.)

NOW WATCH IT CAREFULLY!!! Let your mix come to a boil, stirring gently but often. Let it boil for a minute or so BUT DONT LOOK AWAY!! Otherwise you’ll be cleaning your kitchen as foam gets EVERYWHERE!!! Let it boil for a few minutes, or until the amassing pile of bubbles freaks you out too much.

Remove it from the heat,and let everything cool down.

Now is your chance to add any essential oils. A FEW DROPS IS ALL!! (no more than 15 total). Stir gently.

When your pot is cool enough to handle, carefully pour 1/3 into each of your 3 containers. You should fill them all! Now GENTLY stir those, and leave ’em to cool and gel up.

This will eventually settle into a gel.Sometimes there is still liquid- which is FINE, because it is just as wash-y. Don’t stress! I have a small scoop from the dollar store that i use to dispense mine- about 1 1/2- 2tbsp per load. ENJOY!

Be awesome!



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