A free moment- time to get muddy!


Heya, cats & kittens!

Scissorkitty isn’t JUST about hair- it’s about doing something awesome for yourself to make you feel as confident and gorgeous on the outside as you already are on the inside!

I love doing face masks. You won’t see them on the service list in the Hair Lair- i have NO spa training. This is something i do just for me! Kicking back with a coffee and a facefull of mud, and catching up on Pretty Little Liars (lol! guilty pleasures!)- what a great way to start my day!

Today I’m just using a mudmask from Shopper’s, “Life brand brightening facemask with licorice and seaweed”- it feels VERY stingy/tingly when i put it on (possibly, because i kept it in the fridge). I can get 2 uses out of each pack, because there is LOTS of product in there.

My favourite facemasks at the moment are: the Facial wraps from ItWorks, and a homemade one of turmeric, coconut oil and honey. The catch with the turmeric one- it is REALLY pigmented (super golden yellow!), so if you are pale like me, you run the risk of being a little..er.. sallow. 😉 I’d be using that mix at nightime, instead of right before running groceries, for example. haha!!

So how about you guys? How do you like to pamper yourself in those wee stolen moments of relaxation? Any favourite face masks I should be trying OR ones to avoid?

Be awesome!



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