Scrub-a-dub dub!


Heya cats and kittens!

Many of you are probably familiar with the “no-‘poo” no shampoo hair movement.

I am a big fan!

Unless you are crawling under heavy machinery, or getting absolutely filthy, most day-to-day hair washing can be taken care of with JUST conditioner, or even skipped altogether!

Framesi haircare, which is totally vegan, has a wonderful new product called “No Suds”, which kinda takes the guess work out of the whole wash-or-not-wash debate. You can wash your hair every day with this, if you like, without the drying and colour-stripping that too-often shampooing can cause!*

*It is always wise to use a colour-safe shampoo if you ARE going to use shampoo- and make sure that it is sulfate-free.Sulphates are salt-derived, and while they make for bountiful bubbles, they can really dry out hair and scalp,which can really fade haircolour,and make hair oilier, as your body kicks out extra scalp oils to compensate. You feel greasy, you wash more, your hair and scalp get drier, your body produces more oil = vicious cycle! Also, many people are starting to develop sulphate sensitivity.

Anyway- I personally shampoo MAYBE once a week (and whenever i touch up my roots), but I like to give myself plenty of no-‘poo days where i either JUST wet my hair down so i can refresh the style, or wash with just conditioner. As a not-at-all-natural blonde, my hair loves and needs moisture!!

What do you do? Are you an every-day shampooer? I strongly suggest you start substituting a conditioner-only wash for every second shampoo. Give it a try, and be ready to have a little adjustment period, while your body gets used to regulating your oils- then see if you can add in some water-only days, or try adding more conditioning wash days! Your hair will thank you, and your scalp will too!

Be Awesome!



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