Closet Challenge- Day 12

20160714_081326 Day 12, and hot and humid like crazy!!

items: black tank and red floral skirt

comfort: as cool as i can be!

style: natural airconditioning! lol!

hair: extra moisturizer to keep my “enhanced” blonde tips from frazzling in the sun. (AG Hair makes a fast-drying heat protectant WITH UV PROTECTION for anyone who likes to blowdry or heatstyle everyday!) and then air-dried, cos I want as little heat on me as possible!

Let’s talk eye makeup! I am by NO means a makeup artist- i leave that to the pros, and they leave fabulous vintage hair to me! haha! But i DO love a good liner. Instead of my usual cat’s-eye, though, today I’m sporting some good ol’ fashioned kohl.

What do you know about  this stuff? Rimming eyes with black has been a constant since the ancient Egyptians- and for good reason! (Those guys were SO clever!) REAL kohl (which mine most likely isn’t) is made from ground minerals, and is anti-microbial, works as a sun reflectant AND coolant to your precious eyeballs AND makes a wicked fashion statement.WIN! (i like to try and use extra facepowder around my eyes to try and keep my kohl from creeping around my face.. if any of you have tips to keep it in place, or favourite brands for a gal with sensitive peepers, please share in the comments below!)

Be Awesome (and stay cool)!!




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