Closet Challenge- Day 11


Tadaa! I pulled out the scissors and thread and figured, since I’ve got 20 more days before I’m done this challenge, I revamped this green plaid i wasn’t wearing.


I cut off the sleeves, sewed down the button placket (no more boob-gap! Busty gals- this is an easy little trick for any gaping necklines or crazy straining buttons), and added bust darts to make it a little more fitted and less boxy.I used the fabric from one sleeve to make a matching hair band!

((For those of you who aren’t sewers, bust darts are little gathers below the fullness of your chest that pull the fabric closer to your body, and that handily prevent fabric from just draping off your chest-fruit like a weird curtain tent.))

Now I can actually wear it! 🙂 Next,I have to figure out something with that green t-shirt I’m not enjoying… hmm.

Question for you all- is dipping into my fabric stash cheating?

items: revamped green plaid no-longer-button-up, blavk polkadot skirt.

comfort: about 8000 degrees cooler than when this shirt had sleeves!

style: farmer’s wife/lumberchic

hair: a cute piece of fabric is one of my favourite ways to “jazz” up my pixie cut, and stretch out between washes! I just like to tie it farback enough to leave a good “frame” of bangs, and I’m not into that scraped back 90’s gradeschooler look. 😉

Be Awesome!



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