Closet Challenge- Day 10


The Green Skort Returns!!

Whoot whoot! I was really missing this thing. Thanks to some awesome stain removal advice, plus someone obviously pointing out that I could just embroider over it (lol! duh, me!)- it is now back in rotation!

items:handmade green skort, black t shirt with shier details, yellow cardigan.

comfort level: very!!! (skorts are cute, comfy, and offer all the swish of a skirt minus the “chub-rub” of thighs aggressively buffing off their skin all day. Plus- POCKETS!)

style: Just myself 🙂

hair: short and sweet, with a little Hair Primer II from #Framesi to add protection, softness AND a wee bit of shape.

I am really wanting to switch out some of my item choices… perhaps I’ll have to get creative to make it the next 21 days! hehehe… stay tuned for shenanigans!

Be Awesome everyone!



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