Closet Challenge- Week 1 in Review


Week One in Review:

Ahh.. 7 days down! It’s been pretty easy to stick to the challenge so far’ a few hiccups, but nothing too earth shattering! I’m having more fun with this than I thought I would, and I’ve never consistently gotten dressed so fast in my life!

items worn:

denim capris x1

green t x1

green plaid x1

green skort x1 (still not fixed)

red skirt x2

black t x1

black skirt x2

floral tank x1

blue blouse x1

black tanktop x1

blue striped t x1

navy and white dress x1

Really, hardly any repeats! I’m surprised! Then again, 7 days and 16 items isn’t a stretch. So far, i havent needed the leggings I chose, or the cardigans, so those have been untouched. I wish I had chosen another dress, because I really enjoy just pulling on a dress in the morning- and I definitely think I’ll be tired of this navy number by the end of things.


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