Closet Challenge- Day 8


Ahh! Day 8,and the start of the second week if my Closet Challenge! For anyone just tuning in, I’ve decided to attempt to dress only from a “capsule wardrobe” of 16 co-ordinating items (not including personal wear and pyjamas) for a month, after becoming bored with my clothes AND inspired by waay too many intruiging “what to pack” micro wardrobe posts on Pinterest!

Things have gone pretty smoothly- although the sad loss of the green skort might prove awful later on.. (unless i can fix it?)

today’s items: denim capris, black tanktop, denim shirt (the sub-in for the skort).

style level: gardening mom who needs to do laundry, and take a 4yo to a birthday party (pure honesty).

comfort level: high

hair style: scrunchy waves, air dried with coconut oil for shine.

Be awesome!



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