Closet Challenge- Day 7


Day Seven!!!

One week in, and today had a few interesting challenges. This afternoon is the Nostalgia Nights show here in the lovely town of St.Thomas, and vibtage styling being a specialty- i need to be in full kit! Since the only dress in my capsule wardrobe isn’t exactly a vintage number (navy rosettes on white from aliexpress), i had to alter it to guve it more of the proper shape- especially because my 50’s era bullet bra makes for some.. interesting fabric issues. haha!

items: navy and white dress

style: vintage kitten

comfort: nope. Not very comfortable, and i had to ACTUALLY sew myself into the neckline of this dress, so I’ll need to remember than when escaping later!

hair: yaay!! the best part!! As I’ll be holding a Vintage Hairstyle spot at the show this afternoon, i had to pull out the stops. I “washed” it  with my AG Sterling Silver conditioner, then added a little coconut oil while damp and let it airdry for shine. Then I added in one of my hand-dyed vegan hair clipins in a peacock tail colour melt (navy, royal blue, teal, green) to bring out the colour in my dress, then flipped my front and curled it into a single side roll, brushing my sides up to show off my undercut. Then I added in a cute blush-grey flower clip, and about a can of hairspray!

If you’re in the area today, swing ny Downtown St.Thomas after 4pm! I’ll be doing rolls, beehives and braids at my little booth in Small Business Alley on Mondamin Street!





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