Closet Challenge- Day 6


Day Six!

I am just loving how easy it is to pull an outfit together in the morning! I pretty much dont have to give it any thought at all. So far, I haven’t really felt restricted in my choices- but we’ll see how i feel by the end of the month!

today’s items: floral tanktop and black polkadot skirt (with a halter bikini top underneath, because my back isn’t ready for straps yet #tattooproblems #notactuallyaproblem )

style level: super comfy, cafe lunch casual

hair style: i added in a cute beige and black polkadot ribbon today. i LOVE the look of headscarfs, ribbons and headbands in a pixie cut! There are TONS of ways to dress up short hair, to keep it feeling feminine and soft, or mod, or androgynous… whatever you feel like rocking! The key is always confidence.


be awesome! -M


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