Closet Challenge- Day 5


Day 5!

items: blue striped henley and trusted red floral skirt (i am really loving this one!)

style: random patterns are my friends!

hair style: shaggy pixie, nothing fussy.


Update: oh nooooes! The green skort did NOT come clean in the wash. To patch or just sew a new one? I have SOME of the same fabric, but not enough to make the same one again. Does sewing a new one constitute as cheating on this challenge? Would a patch effect the skirt-illusion? hmm. Thoughts? The stain is on the right upper-thigh area. Also as a note- i apparently can’t count! lol! 1 + 16= 17! so.. not FIFTEEN items, but 17! (currently 16 again with the skort out of a tion)


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