Closet Challenge- Day Two

20160704_071750Ah, Day Two dawns.. with us all accidentally sleeping in! Yikes!

Luckily, this closet adventure makes getting dressed really easy- at least this early in the game! These items make me feel pulled together, and like i made effort, although i can promise you i threw them on and got out the door to take R to daycare before my coffee finished brewing!


Blue button-up

red floral skirt

comfort level? high! (bike shorts under the skirt, and an undercover safety-pin keeping my buttons from busting and flashing the neighbours) I’m usually not a button-up girl, but this shirt from Old Navy has knit stretch panels on the sides that make it fit my box-with-boobies torso better than i anticipated!

style level? 1950s housewife goes to the farm-market. Or, Rosie the Riveter on a day off.

hair style? scrunchy waves (use a sea-salt spray to get texture! Try the one from AG Hair- it’s Canadian AND vegan!) with a homemade fabric headband.

ok! be Awesome!


(i’m off to get caffeinated)


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