Closet Challenge -summer 2016

IMG_20160702_205320There she is- my wardrobe for the next month! I may very well regret this..

Lately, i find myself feeling a bit swallowed by stuff. Things, piles, stacks… summer makes me want to feel relaxed and free, but with so much going on (including working on the Big Secret Project), i often feel out of control.

Those of you who pay attention may have realised that i LOVE doing weird things with my clothes- and that i often enjoy relinquishing control of choosing my clothes to my son (he’s now 4) for a week at a time. That’s always a lot of fun, and he has taught me SO much about colour, and my own tastes.. but lately i find myself feeling a bit blahhh in my wardrobe choices.. and i am addicted to Pinning those “capsule wardrobe” and “16 items or less for vacation” cheatsheets from Pinterest.

In the spirit of “What the hell, it’s Summer!”, I’m going to attempt it! Above, you can see the snapshot of my wardrobe for the next month! (Obviously, not including pyjamas and personal undergarments… come ON now! Would socks count as two items?) So i have picked 16 matching/contrasting items, and i’ll try and keep track of my combinations! 

(I WILL be wearing work-clothes for any gardening/dirty work.. and ill have to add a hoodie set and bathing suit when we go camping at the end of the month)

Wish me luck! 🙂

Be awesome! -Morgan


***edit to add:

Items List!

1. green t-shirt with snap details

2. navy-on-navy striped henley t-shirt

3. black t with upper shier detail

4. black polkadot pleated skirt

5. red flower print skirt

6. green homemade polkadot skort with pockets

7. denim capris

8. black mid-calf leggings

9. leopard-print full length leggings

10. grey floral tanktop

11. black cotton tanktop

12. navy rosette dress

13. blue button-up blouse

14. green plaid shirt

15. yellow cardigan

16. black cardigan with butterfly brooch

(+ underthings, bathingsuit, shoes and aforementioned pyjamas/sweatsuit)


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