How to Super Charge your toning shampoo!

Heya cats and kittens!

So, as promised, lets have a little deeper chat about toning shampoo. Did you miss our first conversation about lighteners and toners? Catch up and then come back!

So, you’re blonde, silver, or grey, and you want your lovely colour to be cooled down a little- get all those orange/gold/yellow/brassy tones out. You’ve picked up a purple toning shampoo from a professional source- a stylist, or a store that sells quality hair products. What now?

BEFORE: Brassy (and wearing a towel)               AFTER: Cool as can be!

20160617_072815                            20160617_091356

The instructions on the bottle will tell you to hop in the shower, and apply the shampoo to wet hair, wait, rinse, repeat… BUT THEY ARE WRONG! Or, at least, I’m going to tell you to do it differently!

Using gloved hands or a hair tint brush, apply your purple toning shampoo generously to your DRY hair! Massage it through the areas you need to tone – keep in mind, this dry application makes the toning MUCH STRONGER, so if you’re applying it to dry, lightened ends, those are going to REALLY grab it, and turn very silver/ashy/white.

Once you’ve got it all applied, cover your hair with your plastic wrap, tidy up any mess (purple shampoo can really stain countertops, cupboards, clothes etc- so be careful!), and then go watch Game of Thrones, or read a book, or whatever for a while! I like to leave mine on for about an hour, because my hair really pulls a lot of brass (there’s a reason I created a small ginger boy! haha!)- you’re going to want to play around with timing for yourself, because everyone’s hair is a little different.

When your time is up,  hop in the shower, shampoo that toner out, condition and voila! SUPER toned hair- same product, different application!

Good luck, cats and kittens!

Be awesome!



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